About Me

A key leader among religious leaders in Rwanda and Central Africa, Apostle Dr. Paul M. Gitwaza is the President of the Alliance of Evangelical Churches in Rwanda. He also serves as the general overseer to 11 other Zion Temple Celebration Centers that the ministry planted in other major Rwandan urban centers. These churches are experiencing unprecedented growth as well, both in numbers and spiritual maturity.

Dr. Paul Gitwaza travels extensively functioning in the role of an overseer to a dozen other Zion Temple Celebration Centers that he planted on all 4 major continents: Africa (Burundi, Congo (DRC), Tanzania), Europe (Belgium, Denmark, France, UK) and America (USA, Canada) and Asia (China).

Outside his own network of churches, he has traveled to more than 20 African nations, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, UK and USA, conducting International conferences and Evangelic crusades for the purpose of establishing a new moral order on Earth.

An accomplished music artist, his music career started at age 13 as the leader of the youth choir at the church where his father was Pastor. During this season, many songs would come to him in dreams and visions. In 1991, he co-founded Agape Music, a tremendously popular music band which contributed to bringing transformation in the region where he was attending College. In 1993, he moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where he stayed for 2 years. He became involved as a guest leader in various evangelical crusades.

In the Summer of 2006, he completed the production of his first Audio Album in the USA.

His vision for a worldwide transformation in the church is centered around:

  • The restoration of the importance of prayer
  • The restoration of the importance of music
  • The recovery of the human dignity for everyone and the challenge to live a purpose driven life

Under the leadership of the Apostle Dr. Paul M. Gitwaza, Authentic Word Ministries Inc. organizes and sponsors numerous international conferences:

  • Africa Arise and Shine:  which brings together since 2000, delegates from several nations of the world to visit Rwanda and witness for themselves the work of peace and reconciliation in Rwanda;
  • Women Arise: which takes place annually in Rwanda to raise women of destiny
  • Africa Rise Europe: organized twice a year in Europe since 2001 and annually in Canada since 2007 to bring transformation in Europe.
  • God’s Vision is our Destiny: organized twice a year in the USA since 2001 and annually in Canada since 2007 to bring transformation in America.

Authentic Word Ministries is also the umbrella organization for:

  • 13 Zion Temple Celebration Centers in Rwanda to build the Kingdom of God in Rwanda
  • 12 Zion Temple Celebration Centers abroad to spread transformation around the world
  • Deborah Company Ministries in Burundi, which is an intercession ministry for Burundi
  • Watchmen on the Walls of the Great Lakes Regions which is an intercession movement in Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Congo. They pray 24 hours for Israel and the world
  • Asaph Praise and Worship Center with a vision to rebuild the Tabernacle of David
  • Elijah School of Prophets- to impart the Spirit of Elijah to those with a prophetic calling
  • Zion Counseling Ministry which helps AIDS patients, genocide victims, widows and orphans
  • Abraham Company: Men ministry with a vision to raise them with Abraham as their role model
  • Daniel Company: youth Ministry which prepare them to become faithful witnesses
  • “King of Kings Ballet,” Drama company with a vision to redeem the traditional culture
  • Daughters of Zion: Women ministry preparing them to receive the glory of God
  • Moses Generation: Children ministry ministering to orphans of genocide and turn them into the Lord’s Vessels like Moses
  • Bethesaida Health Center which ministers to the needs of the uninsured sick and weak
  • Authentic International Academy: which educates elementary – high school students, leading and guiding them in the principals of the Kingdom of God
  • Authentic Banking: a bank specifically developed for Christians with equal financing and loaning abilities