Israel Newsletter No. 1

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.

-Isaiah 62:1

Dear beloved friend,

Shalom from Jerusalem!

It is a great pleasure for me to have a chance to write to you! I want to thank you for your support concerning what God is doing as He is connecting the Body of Christ with His people in Israel. We do believe that in these latter days, God will bring His people from all nations and connect them to His firstborn, Israel.

In that regard, Authentic Word Ministries has opened an office in Israel. The purpose of this office is to pray for Israel, to connect the Body of Christ to the Holy Land and to closely monitor the end times from Israel. There is no better place to be strategically located because Israel will be the center stage for the end times.

I ask that you please keep Israel in your prayers in this critical time where the spirit of the Antichrist has risen more than ever before to fight this nation as well as believers worldwide.

You may have recently heard or read in the news that in the last few weeks Israel has been undergoing terror attacks. These attacks were carried out mostly by young Palestinians armed with knives who were going out to the streets of the cities (especially Jerusalem) in order to kill Jewish people. This has coincided with many cases of stone and Molotov cocktail throwing at the borderline between Arab and Jewish neighborhoods. In addition, there have been cases of overriding and shooting.

This wave of terror attacks took place due to the reckless and false incitement in the Palestinian media and social networks. Specifically, the claim was that Al-Aqsa Mosque was in danger (the third most important site for Muslims after Mecca and Medina), and that they must protect it from the Jews. Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount is near the place King Solomon built the Jewish Temple – the place God had chosen to put His name on (Psalms 132:13-14). There is however absolutely no truth to these false claims and Israel is not threatening Al-Aqsa Mosque at all.

The extent of hatred is very large, and therefore there are young Palestinians who were going out on a daily basis to kill Jews. The Israeli Government had sent significant security forces to Jerusalem. Consequently, in most cases – thank God – these attempts failed. Still, the few times in which they did manage to hurt or kill Israeli citizens caused a great deal of fear among the population and economic damage because people are staying indoors.

Since the beginning of this wave of terror attacks, eight Israelis were killed and about 100 wounded, most of them civilians.



1. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

2. Pray for the Israeli government and for the heads of the security forces. Specifically, to have the wisdom to take care of this wave of terrorism efficiently and with sensitivity.

3. Pray against the lies and the incitement which the Palestinian leadership and the haters of Israel are spreading against her.

4. Pray for the body of Messiah in Israel, that we can stand firm against the evil forces of darkness at this time.

5. Pray against the fear that this terror is spreading among the people.

6. Pray that more and more Israelis will look up to the Lord and ask for His salvation.

As we pray for the peace of Israel, lets also pray for the Jewish people to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ the Messiah.

May the Lord help you to keep in prayer and also support His work in Israel, through Authentic Word Ministries.

In His service,

Apostle Dr. Paul M. Gitwaza
President, Authentic Word Ministries

© 2016, paulgitwaza. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Israel Newsletter No. 1

  1. we want to thank you for the great work accomplished. we remain united in prayer for the applications requests.
    GOD bless you.

  2. Shalom Apostle! Indeed you have been and still a blessing for me and my family and I’m happy that you are also a blessing to the people of Israel and the whole world! May God bless you abundantly! We love you.

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